Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Just a little note...

Dear Blogger friends,

This is just a little note to explain why I will be quieter than normal on the blogging front over the next month. We are heading away for a couple of weeks, at the end of next week and all my stores are going on vacation mode. I have also been in negotiations for a couple of different illustration jobs, and so it my be at least a few weeks before I get the chance to post any new ACEO's. I will still check out what everyone is up to on their blogs, but there won't be very much happening on my own. I do thank you all for your ongoing support and interest.

All the Best

Karen :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Latest ACEO - Wedgewood Blue

This latest ACEO is of a beautiful cat called Guisla, and once again, it was the eyes that drew me in. This art card is available to purchase in my ebay store.
For a short time only, I am also offering 20% off the price of all pet portraits. This is for the next two weeks, before we head up the coast for a couple of weeks of holidays (yahoo!!!)
All the best to everyone:)

Monday, June 8, 2009

ACEO - Reflections

This weekend, we went for a drive up the coast to check out potential holiday accommodation for our holiday in July. With holidays in mind, I felt the urge to draw some water and this is the result - this was such an enjoyable piece to do, with the contrasting colours of the ripples in the water. This ACEO is available for sale in my ebay store. Wishing a wonderful week to all :))

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Latest ACEO - Bubbles & Blessings

We have a long weekend for the Queen's Birthday, here in Australia, and sadly, all the boys sport has been cancelled due to rain :) - so that just means more time for art - don't know how I'll cope!!! This is my latest ACEO - the main inspiration here was my urge to try to draw bubbles. I have attempted it a couple of times this week and all works have ended up in the bin. I worked out in the end, that it is much easier to draw bubbles on a darker background than to try to create bubbles on a white background - I guess it should have been obvious. This was my final attempt and the best of a bad lot, so I then proceeded with the rest of the painting. You can purchase this ACEO in my ebay store.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Latest ACEO - Butterfly Kiss

One of the dilemmas I always have trouble with, is whether to do a background on my ACEO's. This week I have had fun experimenting with mediums and backgrounds and finally came up with a combination I was happy with. The effect I was after was something like airbrushing without actually using an airbrush. This background was done on the back of the drafting film. After doing the initial sketch on the front, I turned it over and coloured roughly with Faber Castell Pitt Pens in a range of shades. This was then smudged gently with a tissue. The pitt pens are not permanent on the drafting film, but a spray of fixative solved the problem. I was then able to turn the film back over and work happily from the front. I was quite content with the result! This ACEO is available for sale in my ebay store. Have a great week :)