Wednesday, October 23, 2013


8x10 inces
Coloured pencils and zest-it with white ink
 highlights on Watercolour Canvas

As we are currently surrounded by so many bush fires, this is a reflection on the comfort, protection and salvation that water brings to those caught up in the heat, smoke and ash of the fires, and is dedicated to all those wonderful fire fighters who put themselves out there to protect the property and lives of others. May all those caught up in the fires stay safe and be given strength.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

More Coloured Pencil works on Canvas

Jersey in the Cover
5x7 inches
Coloured pencil on Linen Mat board

The Curious Visitor
9x12 inches
Coloured pencils, Inktense pencils and white ink on watercolour canvas
(Black background painted with Jo Sonja's Background colours in Charcoal)

Falling behind again on my blogging - I do so wish there were more hours in a day!!! Here are just a few of the things I've been working on lately. I am so loving working with coloured pencils on canvas, whether it be watercolour canvas, as in The Curious Visitor or linen mat board as for Jersey in the Clover. Because I am so heavy handed with my pencil work, I have always found it a little dissatisfying working on regular papers, and so am constantly on the lookout for surfaces that allow both layering and blending and still provide the ability to do fine detail. I find the canvas surfaces perfect for this. The finished result is something more akin to a painting than a drawing and can be varnished and hung without glass. Watercolour canvas has a softer feel to it than traditional gessoed canvas surfaces and also takes the inktense pencils beautifully and allows for exciting possibilities when using other media with coloured pencils such as watercolours and ink. In my previous post, I shared a mini tutorial on working with coloured pencils on canvas and now you can try a more advanced piece with this latest 26 page tutorial.