Monday, April 26, 2010

Little Mouse Lost Miniature Watercolour Painting

Little Mouse Lost
7cm x 9.5cm
Watercolours on Arches Paper
It has been a while since I picked up a paintbrush, particularly to paint with watercolours, and I had forgotten what a joy this wonderful medium can be. A lot of my artwork tends to be very tight and realistic, and it is nice to branch out and be a little more creative and loose, which is easier with watercolours. I think because so much of my work tends to be based on realism, I am also enjoying a bit of experimentations with the world of whimsy - it always takes me back to childhood.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Next Tutorial for Fine Art & Decorative Painting - Meerkats Only

Meerkats Only
6x8 inches
Coloured pencil on drafting film.
This little guy is the subject of my third tutorial on working with drafting film for the art magazine Fine Art and Decorative Painting. The focus of this tutorial, apart from showing step by step explanations of how the drawing was done, is to talk about how the realist artist can animate their animal drawings with the use of props. I find Meerkats quite hilarious and took the reference photo for this image when we were at Sydney's Taronga Zoo last year. I could have watched the Meerkats for hours - such attitude!!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tracy and Peyton - commissioned portrait.

Tracy and Peyton
8x10 inches
Graphite Pencil on drafting film
I feel like I have been given such a gift and my heart sings when I am presented with reference photos that capture tender moments such as these and I am asked to do a portrait from it. You know from the outset that the portrait will be a joy to do, because it gives the artist an opportunity to draw with emotion. Anybody who has been a parent will relate to the incredible love you feel when you hold your tiny, sleeping child in your arms - a love you never knew you could feel until your first child is born. What a privilege to be asked to draw this scene!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Latest Digital Art - Faery Pond

I'm sure followers of my Blog must be completely confused sometimes as I flit from one medium and subject matter to another. I am always fascinated (and a bit envious) by artists who find a medium and genre that they are completely comfortable in, and then go on to produce a body of work that shows consistency and a signature style. I love to discover new mediums and explore a range of subjects. Last week, I downloaded Daz Studio, a free software for creating 3D artworks and animations. After an extremely frustrating weekend, I printed off the 500 page manual and started to go through it methodically. Finally things started to fall into place. This artwork was done using a combination of Daz Studio, and Corel Painter.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Commissioned Portrait - Father and Son

Father and Son
8x10 inch Commissioned Portrait
Graphite pencil with a hint of colour on drafting film
Most of the commissions I do are either for babies or pets so it was lovely to do one that included a man as well - men are so interesing to draw with all the textures and shading in their skin, so this was a particularly enjoyable commission. I also loved trying to capture the wonderful look of pride and love as this father looks down at his little son.

Monday, April 5, 2010

My first attempt at digital art - Gail

First of all wishing all my internet friends a relaxing and fabulous Easter, and hope you all had the opportunity for some R & R and time with loved ones!!! :)
This was my first attempt at digital art using a Wacom tablet and Corel Painter software. This is one of my dearest friends, and she first asked me to do her portrait a few years ago as this photo was starting to fade and deteriorate. Gail is such a free spirit, with a bit of a hippy soul, and so I wanted to try and capture some of that in this portrait. What a learning curve - I have been working on this one on and off since last Thursday, between doing fun things with the family over Easter, which is a long time for me - as I usually try to get pieces finished within a day or two. I still have a long way to go in mastering this new medium, but will now offer digital portraits as well as portraits in traditional mediums, as it allows the customer to print out as many copies as they like, in whatever size they like, and it also gives me the freedom to be a little more creative, without the worry that a portrait might be ruined.