Sunday, June 10, 2012

Graphite Cat Step by Step Tutorial

 Whistful 2
8x10 inches
Graphite pencil on drafting film

This is the third time I have drawn this darling little kitten from this image and this time it was to complete a step by step tutorial at the special request of a client. This is a deceptively quick drawing to do and so it has amazed me over the years just how popular it has been - must have something to do with the irresistable subject. The reference photo for this artwork was provided with the kind permission of PCB 75

This 19 page step by step tutorial explains all the tools and techniques needed to work with graphite on drafting film and is available either from my Etsy store, or direct from my website at

Friday, June 1, 2012

Let's Count Kisses now available in shops

Let's Count Kisses should now be available from most book stores (within Australia). If you are interested in getting a hold of the book and your local book store doesn't have it in stock, then they should be able to get it in for you. Outside of Australia, hopefully it won't be too long before it is available on Amazon. For more information visit Google books

Tutorial - Combining two images together to create a single image

This tutorial explains how to combine two separate images next to each other to create a new single image file (I was recently asked how you do this) using the free image editing program Paint.NET. (Please note: this program only works on Windows, not Mac)

The first step is to open one of your images in Paint.NET by clicking on File > Open and browsing the files on your computer.

The next step is to change your canvas size, so that you can fit your second image next to the first. Click on Image > Canvas Size and then double the width in the Print Size box.

Next, go to Layers > Import From File and then browse your computer for the other file.

The second image will open on top of the first image, but you can click and drag the image to place it beside the other image.

You can now save your image as a new jpeg file.

Sepia Portrait and New Tutorial

Bonny Chris
8x10 inches
Coloured Pencil on Canson Mi-Teinte Paper

This portrait is of my darling nephew Chris and a huge thank you to his Mum and Dad for allowing me to use their reference photo. By far the most popular portraits that I get asked to do are the graphite ones, but those of you who have been following my blog for a while will now that I generally steer clear of working with graphite as it is not my favourite medium. Hence the motivation for creating this portrait and tutorial. Sepia portraits are a lovely way of still getting a Monochrome look, but with a touch more warmth.
For anyone interested, this 17 page tutorial gives a step by step guide on how to do a sepia portrait, using coloured pencils. I also used zest-it solvent to give the skin a smoother look, however you can still complete the tutorial and portrait without using the Zest-it. For more information, please visit either my website or from my etsy store.