Saturday, May 28, 2016

Brand New Coloured Pencil Tutorials

Unsure about which coloured pencil brands to buy, or which surfaces will best suit your needs? Which ones erase the best, or work best with solvents? Looking to learn more about the different blending methods? This 52 page information kit Coloured Pencil Basics for Artists of All Levels will answer all those questions and many more. Inside the kit you will also find a special thank you discount code of 10% off your next purchase.

Struggling to get a rich and uniform black colour in your coloured pencil backgrounds? This 30 page information kit How to get Rich Black Backgrounds in Coloured Pencil road tests 14 different black pencils and shows you which coloured pencils will give you the darkest, most consistent black colour. We look at whether using a blender or solvent will make the blacks smoother or richer and also how the wax and oil based pencils perform when used over other mediums such as markers and watercolour pencils. Whether you are a purist and prefer working in 100% coloured pencil, or are happy to mix your coloured pencils with other mediums there is a solution in this kit for you.