Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Latest commission - Burton

8x10 inch
Graphite and Black pencil on drafting film
One of the challenges I face by accepting orders for commissions over the internet, is that I don't have the luxury of seeing the subject in person, or taking my own reference photos. I can't emphasize enough to my customers the importance of having high resolution, quality reference photos in order to produce a quality portrait. But more often than not, the client only has low resolution, fair quality photos and for a variety of reasons cannot access any better quality images. I never knock back doing a commission, but definitely find the process more stressful when working with a lesser quality reference photo as it is difficult to know how much you can deviate from the photo with the aim of producing a more pleasing portrait, but possibly run the risk that you have changed the essence and character of the person or pet you are trying to draw. Which brings me to Burton. In this instance, the reference photo was a high resolution, quality photo and Burton was an absolute joy to draw. Because he was such a joy to draw, I have taken progress scans throughout the process, if anyone is interested in me posting them - it is late here now and time for bed, so there isn't time to post them now. Have a wonderful day!! :)


AutumnLeaves said...

Burton is so beautiful, Karen! He looks like a photo, especially with those bright eyes of his. You are so very talented! I am honestly awed. I'd love to see the process if you are up to posting it!

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

You are so kind with your lovely comments Sherry!!! I am fresh this morning, so will post the process now :)

sam said...

Karen you are so very talented, the detail is extraordinary, I love the nose! Its a real pleasure to see work like this. I know what you mean about the photographs. I easily reject half of mine. Ive even had a photo sent to me from a mobile phone-doh!

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

Thank you Sam - LOL - I think clients believe we can do miracles sometimes, and as much as I would love to be able to create a beautiful portrait from a bad photo, I'm definitely not there yet!!!

jullia said...

You are so right about the photo quality.. and sometimes is so hard to explain to the clients why you need a better photo. Once I had a client who send a photo with him from a laterally side.. and wanted me to draw him from the front side :|

Btw, congratulation for all the work that you do. I recently discovered your blog :) Beautiful!

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

Thank you so much Julia for your wonderful comments and yes, I know just what you are talking about!!!