Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Art

Rebecca Louise

4x6 inches

Coloured pencils and pastels on wood

George - Giraffe in a scarf

8x10 inches

Watercolour pencils, Coloured pencils and Pan Pastels on wood

Firstly wishing a really happy and safe Easter to each and every one of you.

These are the two artworks I have worked on so far over the Easter break.

Rebecca Louise is my brand new niece, born last Wednesday the 20th April. Sadly, I won't get to see or hold her until she is probably walking as we live too far away, but thank goodness for photos and the internet!!!

George was done just for fun, although I did regret adding the scarf once it was all finished :)


Autumn Leaves said...

Rebecca Louise is beautiful, Karen! I so love babies and have a new great nephew in the family. Also a new granddaughter to come in September. I love her portrait and I personally think George is terrific! Who better to need a scarf than a long necked giraffe???

Mona Diane Conner said...

Karen, lovely paintings, and congratulations on your new niece! I hope you'll get to see her in person sooner than you think!

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Such a sweet baby drawing/painting, Karen. Your skin tones are always so well done! You achieve such softness and subtle shifts in value.

George looks like a fun piece!

Wendy Mould AFCA said...

Happy Easter to you as well. Isn't the internet wonderful in keeping us in touch with the family. Lovely baby picture and your little giraffe doesn't look too bad with his scarf.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much Sherry, Mona, Barbara and Wendy for your kind words and warm wishes and the Happiest of Easters to each of you!!! :))

Artoholic said...

Congratulations Auntie!

How wonderful to have new life in your life, and you've already captured her precious spirit in living colour. Beautiful image, I am sure they will love it.

George looks well pleased with his scarf - I think it's got just the right touch of humour to it.

Hope I didn't offend you banging on about black over at my coner of the www! With pencils and ink I use Black with reckless abandon, so don’t feel guilty for using black!

Hope your Easter was so good that you felt sick with too much Lindt!

Unknown said...

You could never offend me Cindy - I have heard that before about black and white also, and yet I use them both no matter what mediums I am working with (I told you I never obey rules when it comes to art!!!)

Have you been spying on me??? Sick on Lindt is exactly what I am - I'm mean to be dieting, but that will have to wait until we have grazed our way through the hundred's of easter eggs now filling our fridge!!! Hope your Easter has been a super one!!! :) xx

Artoholic said...

Who are we kidding? You can never have too much Lindt!

Ha! The Word Verification is LATTE

Unknown said...

Congrats for Rebecca Karen adorable. I really like George and I thought the scarf was a nice touch of humour:)

Unknown said...

Thank you Sam for your encouraging words - puts a smile on my face!!! :)