Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Big Harvest

The Big Harvest

9.5 cm in diameter

Coloured pencils on wood

Here is another little drawing for the upcoming Miniature Art Exhibition, inspired by my husband's attempts to grow a vegetable garden. Unfortunately our backyard doesn't get a lot of full sun, so we carefully chopped the two tiny carrots he lovingly grew (the only two to sprout) into six small pieces, so all the family could share in his endeavours. It has long been a dream of his to have a fully fledged vegie patch, but I feel it probably won't happen until we move house! :)


AutumnLeaves said...

I so love the story of these veggies and your loving support of your husband's efforts. I'll bet these were the best veggies ever! Beautifully painted too!

Wendy Mould said...

Great picture but also a great little crop. We use to grow those small carrots for our rabbit Zoey and of course for our dog. They both loved their little carrots and waited by the garden gate patiently every time we went there. Sad to say Zoey has died but Rusty is still a regular at the gate.

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

They really were very yummy vegies Sherry - size isn't everything!!! :)

I can just picture Zoey and Rusty at the gate Wendy, although the seeds my husband planted were meant to grow regular size carrots, they just never quite made it. Sounds like Rusty needs a new friend :)

Artoholic said...

That story is so funny - it's like Mr McGregor's garden from Peter Rabbit!

You do these wooden pieces SO wonderfully Karen - can't wait to see more.



Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

Thanks Cindy - poor Steve - I felt so sorry for him. He put so much preparation into those raised vegie gardens and had such high expectations - anyway they tasted great!!! :)

artbyakiko said...

What a cute miniature work this is! I love the wood support you have been using for your recent works.
I totally understand your husband's frustration about his veggie garden. I try every year, but nothing grows successfully except Japanese cucumber. The summer here is too cold for any vegetable or fruit. :(

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

Isn't it frustrating Akiko - we get very hot summers and lots of frost in winter, so its hard to get plants that like both of these conditions. We probably could grow lots of vegies, if they could just get a bit more direct sun :)