Sunday, July 17, 2011

Little Garden Nymph

Little Garden Nymph

8x10 inch

Oils on Gessobord

Well since my last post, I'm sad to say I think the Claybord got the better of me after two more pieces ended up in the bin. So I moved onto the Gessobord and dusted off the water mixable oils, which have been sitting idol for quite a while now, to see how I fared with this board. I have to say I'm a bit more comfortable with this board than the Claybord, and so have ordered a whole heap more from the US. Within Australia, an 8x10 inch Gessobord retails for over $11 each, whereas in the States the average price is $4.50 USD. I've also ordered some of the Mona Lisa Gesso boards by Speedball which are only $1.70 for the same size and wondered if anyone has had experience with this board.


Dors said...

Your little garden Nymph is so gorgeous. Love it.
so pretty.

Art stuff is so much cheaper in the US. Just have to be aware of the shipping charges.
Good luck with the new boards.

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

Thank you Dors for your lovely comments. I've ordered quite a bit from the States now and Dick Blicks are pretty good. Even with the shipping charges, it still works out so much cheaper - they are so lucky in the US from that point of view!!!

By the way, I'm not sure when you head off on your big trip, but I hope you have a super time and I hope you have a spare suitcase to buy some art supplies as well!!! :)

AutumnLeaves said...

What a beautiful little girl! Oh t'were they really this sweet! LOL I know they are, especially when little.

Dors said...

Hi Karen.
We head off Aug 10.
Glad Dick Blick are reasonable for shipping charges.
I ordered from a different supplier and I paid more for the shipping than the total of my order.

I will discard clothes to make room for art materials. LOL. If you want something small ( pencils reasers etc. let me know)

Gary Keimig said...

this little nymph would win anyones heart. great job Karen.

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

Thank you heaps Sherry, Dors and Gary for your much appreciated feedback. Dors - you're a darling and thank you, but I think I have well and truly blown my art budget for the next 6 months. You'll need every spare inch for yourself!!! :)