Thursday, May 3, 2012

A couple of Commissions plus a couple of little dramas!

8x10 inches
Coloured pencils and Pan pastels on Pastelmat

8x10 inches
Coloured pencils on Mat Board

This has been one of those weeks. I have a couple of love/ hate relationships going on at the moment. The first is with one of our dogs, Sophie (9 months old), who decided on Monday night to chew a biro to pieces and then spread the contents all over our bedroom carpet and bedspread. After googling every conceivable remedy for removing ink, we had tried a multitude of solutions and went to bed reassured that much of the ink had been removed. On awakening on Tuesday however, we found that one of the remedies had not only removed much of the ink, but also the dye from the carpet and bedspread (I suspect it might have been the toothpaste). Panic stations. We now have a new bedspread and a new rug to cover the offending patches on the carpet. Just as well Sophie is so endearing and much loved!!!
After resolving that problem, I decided to open some emails, only to find that everything on our computer was frozen - so needless to say my second love/ hate relationship is with our computer. Three days later and several hundred dollars poorer, we are now back up and running again. In between the dramas, I managed to get a bit of work done as well.
Adora will be the subject of a new step by step tutorial and should be available from my website at from next week.


Doreen Cross said...

OMG Karen. I feel for you. We have also had a bad time lately with Jessie....she was sick a few weeks ago... horrific details to say the least... Pooh, vomit, piddle all over our lounge room carpet. We managed to get most of the stains hundreds of dollars later with Bissel carpet cleaner then a larger Vax cleaner... new double doors to keep her out of the lounge that will arrive on Saturday and we will have to install ourselves or pay more dollars out.
Then we will have to stain the doors. Now she sleeps in the laundry. LOL
Then tonight Jessie was sat with us and she must have been dreaming and jumped up and knocked my glasses across my face... scratched my glasses hurt my eye..Probably a black eye tomorrow and a new lens to be put into my glasses.
How about you and I take a weeks holiday...LOL.

sue said...

Oh Karen I sympathise. I don't have a naughty/playful puppy but I did have a horrible, horrible computer for months.

Nearly new but crashing and losing files all the time. It went back to the suppliers 3 times and was almost rebuilt. Apart from being much noisier now it (touch wood) appears to be 'cured'

You are overdue for some good luck now I'm sure :-)

Karen Hull said...

Oh Dors, I had to laugh when I read your post, you poor bugger, made me feel much better LOL. I do hope you don't have a black eye, that your eye feels better and that they can fix your glasses with no cost!!!
Sue I remember when you were having all those computer problems - it seemed to go on for ages. The problem now is we are so dependent on them, we can barely function without them. They are wonderful when everything is working, but I knew this week that the problems we were having were way beyond anything I could fix and then you start to feel a bit sick. All good now though!!! :)

Wendy Mould said...

Been there and done that!! I know what those little dramas are like, glad to hear yours is now repaired and life is good again. Adora is neat I am sure the video will be very interesting.

Karen Hull said...

LOL Wendy - all these little dramas keep us on our toes and make us appreciate when everything is going smoothly. Thank you for your lovely feedback too :)