Monday, February 10, 2014

Big ups and Little downs

I started the year with such good intentions for my blog and have already fallen behind after our computer died four weeks ago and then our new computer died a week ago, followed by a dead one brought home from the shops and finally, we are onto our third new computer in three weeks. On top of that, my Gall Bladder needed to come out last week and so needless to say, this has all left very little time for doing any art, let alone blogging. 

The upside is that I have a feature article, including the cover, in the February issue of the Colored Pencil Magazine and 'Refuge' was honoured with a CPSA (Coloured Pencil Society of America) District Chapters Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Latest Explore This 10! online exhibition This exhibition is all about showcasing the use of coloured pencil in conjunction with other media and a huge congrats to all of the artists selected for this exhibition. It is a feast for the eyes.

I am hoping that a few little hiccups are now all behind and there will be lots of productive months ahead :)


Gail H. Ragsdale said...

No, not a good start to the New Year, but it is wonderful that you are on the cover of the Colored Pencil magazine! I am looking forward to my issue so that I may read all.

Hope your gall bladder is gone and you are doing better.

Jennifer Rose said...

2 dead new computers?!? hopefully both were not the same brand

and congrats to the cover and the CPSA award!

Anonymous said...

Life gets busy! Congratulations Karen and looking forward to seeing your new works!

Sue Clinker said...

So sorry to hear about all your problems Karen but hope that's all behind you now and you can get back to work!

I've just subscribed to the Colored Pencil Magazine but haven't read it through yet (having only got back from a tour of India last Friday). Looking forward to studying it next week when I've caught up with things at home and more leisure time.

Congratulations on your Award from CPSA - well deserved of course!

Unknown said...

Thank you Gail, Jennifer, Janet and Sue for all your lovely comments and warm congrats. Feeling on top of the world now and so good to be back into the art! Sue a trip to India sounds fantastic! Hope you had the best time!!!