Monday, May 26, 2014

Another artwork and Information on Drafting film

Good Morning
12x12 inches
Pyrography, Coloured pencil, Inktense pencils and ink
on Cradled Birch Ply
This is my latest adventure piece combining the pyrography with coloured pencils - such fun.

I have also created an information page on my website at and have started the ball rolling with a comprehensive information page about drafting film. I get so many emails from artists seeking more information about this surface, where to buy it, which pencils to use etc. and so I thought it might be helpful to have a one stop info section and I will be adding more pages to it down the track.


Jennifer Rose said...

great toast texture :D

I've used drafting film a few times, and its not for me lol too slick

Unknown said...

Thank you Jennifer. The drafting film definitely does need a different way of working than paper. Were you using wax based pencils on the film? They slip a bit more than the oil based, especially the Polychromos which adhere really well. If you like to layer and build your colours up slowly, then the drafting film isn't ideal at all :)

Reflections From Life Art Blog said...

Drafting film can produce wonderful and interesting results. Jennifer, Imade that mistake the first time I bought some drafting film. I bought the slick, smooth film. If you get the kind that is matte on both sides, then you're set. Duralar and Mylar are the two most popular brands to use, but Chartpak also produces a nice matte drafting film as well.

Karen, your info page is great! I love working on both sides of the film; doing a value scale in either graphite or gray pencils on one side, adding color on the other. It's an extremely fragile support to use, but fun to work on!

Love your mice and toast picture!! Great job!


Jennifer Rose said...

they were wax based pencils but cant remember the brand. i think i have a sheet or 2 left so will try the polys on it to see what i think. the less layers the better lol which is why i hate stonehenge paper, too many layers

Unknown said...

Best of luck Jennifer and thank you Nancy for your kind words - so glad you got something from the info :)