Saturday, August 15, 2009

More samples on Rtistx Panel

Fishing at Greenwell Point
7cm x 9cm
Watercolours on RTX300 Rtistx Panel

Celebrating Australia Day
7cm x 9cm
Watercolours on RTX300 Rtistx Panel
I have uploaded these two artworks, which were done last year, to give viewers more examples of what is achievable on the Rtistx panels. They are great for doing smooth washes and for painting fine details. There is actually a panel specifically for watercolours, but it is more like a cold-pressed finish. These two artworks were done on the smoother RTX300 board, and are currently on display at the Australian Society of Miniature Art National Awards Exhibition.


Carol Andre' said...

Ooooh, I love Celebrating Austrailia (n?) Day. The lighting is wonderful.

Unknown said...

Thankyou heaps Carol - it took me ages to do, especially all the little people, but it really only appeals to a very niche market.