Friday, February 5, 2010

Calling all Miniature Artists

8x10 inch
Graphite and coloured pencil on drafting film
After a break of a couple of weeks, I felt refreshed and ready for my latest commission - Zoe.
I met with some of the members of ASMA (Australian Society of Miniature Art), and this provided me with lots of motivation to get back to miniature work. I started a piece in silverpoint late last year, after being inspired my
Barbara Freeman's gorgeous silverpoint work, and have come to the sad conclusion that I don't have half of Barbara's patience, because the silverpoint can be quite slow going, even though the end result is worth it. So I have restarted the piece in graphite on drafting film and hopefully can make some headway this week.
On the subject of Miniatures, if anyone is a member of RedBubble, I am trying to create a group for Miniature Artwork (fine art) - there is currently no such group, only a group for ACEO's. I'm just working on finding a co-host and will then let you know when the group has been approved. RedBubble is such a lovely, interactive site, and there are very few Miniature Artists represented there, which I am keen to change. Come on all you Miniature Artists - I need you!!!!
It is very easy to set up membership with them, you can sell prints of your artwork direct from the site (no need to do anything but upload your artwork), and you will come across the most talented and inspiring artists, writers and photographers. There is no cost. The key is to join as many groups as you can, place your artwork in these groups, and this will maximise your exposure. I look forward to seeing you all on there very soon - please!?!


Dors said...

Beautiful work Karen. Your client will be so thrilled with this. It's just beautiful.

I have never done done miniature drawings. ...what size do you call miniature?

AutumnLeaves said...

What a gorgeous baby with those beautiful blue eyes!

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

Thank you so much Dors - lovely to hear from you!!! As far as miniatures go, it does vary slightly from country to coutry. In Australia, the guideline is that it should be under 100 square cm, or no greater than 10cm in height or width. I think in the US, the size regulation is quite a bit larger.

Thank you so much Sherry!!!! :)

Barbara A. Freeman said...

Karen, you are such a master at working on film! This is another wonderful portrait! I love the touch of colored pencil! Sorry the silverpoint didn't work for you, but it's always something to play with another time down the road. It does have a different feel.

Dors, Miniature depends on the where here too, but the AMA (Association of Miniature Artists) has a 25 inches square or less surface area and uses 1/6 scale.

Thanks again, Karen for linking to me. Good luck with your Red Bubble. Right now, I'm trying to get some work finished for the shows coming up. I haven't had a chance to take a look at it, but hopefully, there are lots of other miniature artists looking for a new place to be visible.

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

Thank you Barbara for all your wonderful comments and the extra info for Dors. I know what it is like when you are trying to meet deadlines etc, but down the track, when you have a quiet spell have a browse around RedBubble and hopefully by then there will be a miniature group for you to join!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Another beautiful portrait the hint of colour. Although I dont do alot of mianture work, I hope to and will look out for the new group on RB.

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

Thank you Vic - I'll send you an invite once it is up and running :)

DEB said...

Karen, Zoe is adorable! I too have found that some media I can work with, and others I just need to leave to the more experienced folks - not saying I won't try them again later! Karen, I confess that I ignored your invites on RedBubble, because I just never seem to have time to get over there. If starting this miniature group is something you really want to do though, send me another message, and I won't discard it this time. I'm on so many places - Twitter, MySpace, Linkedin, Etsy, RedBubble, Bonanzle, Cafe Press, and countless others that I just never get over to. But if I know you are there trying to pull a group together, I will make a point of participating.

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

Thank you Deb. It's Ok - I definitely didn't want you to feel pressured. I also belong to all those groups. I have to say RedBubble is my favourite (along with blogging), because on those days when you can feel a bit down, I pop into RB, and there is always a comment that will make my day and motivate me. I really wanted people to see your artwork, and thats why I suggested the groups, to increase your exposure. It is such an uplifting site, and I wanted you to share in that. But you may feel you already have enough exposure, so please don't feel obliged. I will let you know anyway when the Miniature Art group is up and running.