Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jack II Portrait, a couple of awards and a Tutorial

8x10 inches
Acrylics on Canson Mi-Teintes Tex Card

I promised by brother and sister-in-law that I would do a portrait of their gorgeous little son Jack when he was first born, and he turns one next week, so here it is (better late than never)
I was thrilled to get a couple of awards in the miniature section of the Art Exhibition at the Penrith Show and the Penrith City Council Encouragement award for 'A Life Well Spent' and 'Carnivale Juggler' this week.

For anyone interested in step by step tutorials on working in pencil on drafting film, the tutorial for drawing this eye came out last week in Fine Arts and Decorative Painting magazine, Vol 17 No. 12.
I helped out at the youngest fellow's athletics carnival today, so that's all from me - I'm dead on my feet!!! Cheers to all :))


Artoholic said...

To bed early for you then!

Gorgeous work again, AND CONGRATS on awards well deserved.

I have yet to see a Miniature Art category in ANY Perth art awards yet. Cairns was the only one I've seen.

Will look out for the mag in the newsagent - they sell out so quick!



PS Any ribbons pinned to shirt today?

Jez is supposed to be in interschool high jump, but you know, he's too cool for such stuff.

Unknown said...

Thanks Cindy - LOL - no ribbons today. This was the infant's athletics carnival (kindies and year ones) and they had to rotate through various activities. I was given 25 kids and some of them were a bit of a handful - I could never be a teacher!!! :))

Sue Clinker said...

Cute picture of Jack - I'm sure that will be treasured by your Brother & S-i-Law.

Congratulation on your awards. Your work is beautiful so its hardly surprising!

As I don't have access to Fine Arts & Decorative Painting Mag ... can I just ask you which brand(s) of coloured pencil you favour when using drafting film?

Unknown said...

Thank you Sue. I have a couple of mini tutorials on my website at www.miniatureartbykhull.com on using drafting film too if that helps at all. My favourite pencils on the drafting film are all the oil based pencils, such as the Faber Castell Polychromos and the Lyra, which adhere better than the wax based.

Autumn Leaves said...

Karen, you are just. so. good.! Jack is gorgeous!

Sue Clinker said...

Thanks Karen, I'll take a look later.
I've used drafting film a few times but only have wax based pencils ... I found the harder ones (Derwent Artists) worked better for me than the likes of Coloursoft or Prismacolours ... so must add some
Polychromos and Lyras to the never-ending wish list

Unknown said...

Good luck Sue - I'm sure you'll notice a difference with the oil based pencils - they don't move around on the drafting film like the wax based, especially the Polychromos.
Thank you so much Sherry!!! :))

Sue Clinker said...

Very interesting tutorials Karen .. thank you. I would never have known about using ink on the film - its very effective. Lovely work.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad you got something out of them Sue - thank you :))

Pauline said...

Beautiful, I don't know how you works so small and have so much detail. I enjoyed your tutorials and you have inspired me to get my drafting film out again and give it another try. Congratulations with the awards.

Unknown said...

Thank you Pauline - I would love to think my work might have inspired someone - that is the best compliment. Let us know how you go with the drafting film and would love to see your work!!! :)