Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lucy tutorial and first art demonstration

Meet Lucy - this gorgeous kitty is the subject of my latest artwork and art tutorial and a huge thank you to Viola on Flickr for allowing me to use her wonderful reference photo of Lucy. This artwork will be the subject of my first Art demonstration for the Nepean Art Society tonight, which I am extremely excited and just a teeny bit (!!!) nervous. Hopefully all who attend with get something worthwhile from the demonstration. If you would like to try your hand at drawing Lucy, you can find the 19 page step by step tutorial from my website


Sue Clinker said...

Good luck with the demo Karen. I'm sure you'll be absolutely fine as you know your subject inside out.

Have fun!

Karen Hull said...

Thank you so much Sue - it did go well and I had such fun - hopefully everyone got something out of it :)

viola said...

I am very happy to see my Lucy in your art work !
Thank you so much Karen!
A warm hug from a friend, kisses!

Karen Hull said...

Viola, I'm so grateful that you let me use your beautiful Lucy for my tutorial and huge hugs to you!!! :) xx