Thursday, May 9, 2013

I Love You, Mum - Kookaburras

I love You, Mum - Kookaburras
16.5 x 33 cm
Inktense pencils, coloured pencil and Pastel on Colourfix Suede
This is another illustration for the children's book entitled I Love You, Mum, due for publication by Hachette in 2014. I am using Colourfix Suede for these illustrations, which is a really versatile surface and is extremely receptive to a wide variety of media. As the Colourfix Suede is primarily heavyweight Watercolour Paper with the specially prepared primer applied, you can use water media without the fear of buckling and I find any wet media glides over the top, and because of the slight tooth, you get a very even application. The tooth on this surface is nowhere near as sandy or textured as the original Colourfix papers, so you can still get a high degree of detail, and yet also put down multiple layers. I have found most surfaces that allow for fine detail are quite limited in the number of coloured pencil layers they will accept and conversely the more textured surfaces which do allow for lots of layering are not so great for doing fine detail. 


Sue Clinker said...

Lovely work Karen.
The birds stand out beautifully against the soft backgound

Karen Hull said...

Sue, You're a darling - thank you!!! :)