Thursday, June 6, 2013

Summer Holiday

Summer Holiday
9x12 inches
Coloured Pencil on drafting film
When we first start out as artists, it takes a while to work out what our own personal style is and this can be the hardest struggle of all. Over the years I have dabbled with a whole range of subject matter and materials, but quirky, colourful realism is what I always come back to and the thing that makes my heart sing. I am always grateful to have commissions and illustration work, but every now and then it is lovely to focus on creating art from the heart.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

gorgeous colours :D really like how you included the colours on the shells as well

Sue Clinker said...

Well this is certainly quirky and colourful - makes me smile!

Karen Hull said...

Thank you both Jennifer and Sue for putting a big smile on my face :)