Thursday, December 30, 2010

Step by Step Coloured Pencil Tutorial - The Little Flower Girl

Firstly, I have to thank Juno Kughler Carlson for allowing me to use the gorgeous reference photo for this step by step tutorial. If you are not already familiar with Juno's amazing coloured pencil work, please take the time to visit her site - her work is truly inspirational. She was very generous in allowing those of us who belonged to the Coloured Pencil Network (no longer operating) access to many of her beautiful reference photos, and this one caught my eye.
The image on the front, as shown, is actually my artwork and the reference photo (which is even more beautiful) is included within the tutorial. This 15 page tutorial includes many progress scans, along with detailed instructions on which coloured pencils and techniques were used to draw this image. I have had many enquiries from other artists regarding how I drew the straw hat, and I have dedicated two pages detailing how to go about achieving a realistic texture on the hat. I had so much fun drawing this artwork, and I hope any of you who purchase the tutorial will enjoy it just as much. The tutorial is available either directly from my website, or from my Etsy or Ebay Stores.


sue said...

Another beautiful drawing Karen.

I will be purchasing some of your tutorials later in 2011 (when I get myself organised enough to have free time to experiment and learn new techniques) lol

I posted a link to your site on the Pet Portrait and Wildlife Art forum recently. A question was about use of graphite on drafting film so I recommended you as the best source of inspiration I know :o)

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

Oh Sue - aren't you lovely. You certainly don't need any guidance from me though - your portraits are stunning!!! Thank you for thinking of me in your posting!!! :)