Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Final illustration in Platypus Life Cycle Series

Life Cycle of a Platypus - Mother nursing her babies.
This is the final illustration for the series of four on the life cycle of the Platypus for Macmillan Publishers. It is amazing how few reference photos there are for platypus even on-line, which is obviously why Macmillan had to call on the services of an illustrator, however I did a fair bit of research for the project and hopefully have achieved some level of accuracy. These illustrations will actually be within small circular frames, so they will be cropped further, but so long as the kids get the general idea. :)


Dors said...

Those little babies are so sweet.
I really feel you have had fun working on this series.

I bet they will be so thrilled with them.

Great job Karen.

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

I have had fun Dors and have also learnt a lot and grown in confidence using the digital medium - thank you heaps for your wonderful words!!! :)

artbyakiko said...

What a fascinating series of paintings! They are so cute! I have never seen one in person.

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

They are a bit hard to come by Akiko and thank you for your generous comments!!! :)

Bonnielynn said...

LOVE your work !!!
Great job !

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

Thank you Bonmie Lynn - that means a lot!!! :)