Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sample illustration - Life Cycle of the Green Sea Turtle

Life Cycle of the Green Sea Turtle - attacked by a shark
Painted with a Wacom table, Corel Painter and photoshop
I must apologize, firstly to my blogger friends as I know I have got tardier lately with my blogging and checking out what all my talented fellow artists have been up to. Lately, I am happy to say, my workload has increased substantially, both with commissions and illustration work, and so between this increase in work volume, and also trying to still be a good Mum and wife, it doesn't leave a lot of time left over. This is another sample illustration for Macmillan Publishers, for a children's reference book on the life cycle of Green Sea Turtles, which if approved will lead to the commissioning of illustrations for two books.
I am still very much a novice at digital artwork, but definitely find this the most efficient way of working when doing illustrations. Whilst it still takes me the same amount of time to create an illustration digitally, as by conventional mediums, it makes any inevitable amendments that need to be made so much easier. I can't imagine doing this illustration in watercolours, or coloured pencil and then having to redo the whole thing because some aspects were not suitable. I do find that many people view digital art with suspicion, and in many circles it is not regarded as a legitimate art form. For the purpose of illustration work however, it is an absolute blessing and is somehow very liberating, as I am not overwhelmed with the endless fear that I am going to 'stuff it up' and thereby ruin hours of work.


Mona said...

Karen, you are becoming so adept at this, and I love this illustration for MacMillan---it has the feeling of hand painting and great handling of the ripple reflections in the water. Congrats on all the work; you are sure to please them with this one!

Anonymous said...

Love these illustrations Karen your talents never cease to amaze me.

Gail Burton said...

Well I think it's absolutely lovely, Karen, But I do know what you mean about people being 'suspicious' of digital artwork. If only they knew how difficult it is to do such beautiful work in such an un-traditional way....maybe they would appreciate it more?

Dors said...

Congratulations Karen on the illustrations and all the commissions... you deserve it all

I don't know a lot about digital art but you are certainly achieving the best. ( Stunning work )
My very best wishes Karen for all you want to achieve.

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

Thank you so much Mona, Vic, Gail and Dors. All your encouraging words mean so much to me and I am always appreciative of your comments!!! :)