Sunday, October 10, 2010

Please help me :)

Two blogs in one day - I'm on a roll. But actually I am asking a favour of my fellow bloggers. This is my entry for the upcoming Illustrators Australia exhibition and features our youngest son Sam, who has a particular fascination for dragons and dinosaurs. I wanted to try and capture the magic and wonder of childhood in this illustration, but I am stumped when it comes to giving it a title. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. This is another digital illustration, done with corel painter and photoshop.


Pauline said...

Agh, so sweet.
Dreaming of dragons, mystical dreams, the child with fire in his eyes, for the love of a dragon, dragon dreams

Anonymous said...

Oh wow Karen I love this, just so beautifully done, the little boys face full of wonder and joy. The dragon is so cute love the colouring...funny I have been asked to do something similar for a friend....which will be a challenge.

Sue Clinker said...

This is really wonderful Karen.

I'm sorry that I'm so useless when it comes to picture titles (you will have noticed my own appeals for titles).

'Magic Moments' is all that springs to mind here

Unknown said...

Wow Pauline - all those wonderful names and any one of them would be fantastic. I thought of dragon dreams, but love mystical dreams!!

Oooh Vic - that will be something different for you - can't wait to see what you come up with.

Magic Moments is lovely Sue - its funny - sometimes the titles do come quite easily, but other times they are more elusive.

Mona Diane Conner said...

Karen, I was thinking 'the littlest dragon', but also like Pauline's idea of 'dragon dreams' and Sue's suggestion, 'magic moments'. It's a great entry for the show; will the exhibition be nearby where you can visit in person?

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for all those suggestions Mona - I think it is an on-line exhbition only, as so many entries will be digital. I've never entered an on-line exhibition before, but I love the fact that there are no concerns with framing and getting your artwork there etc. etc.

Unknown said...

The eye on imagination.
What a wonderful world.
A passion for dragons.
My hopes My Dreams.

I like Sue's suggestion. :)

This is an adorable picture. melts the heart.

Unknown said...

So many wonderful suggestions Dors - I am overwhelmed and so grateful that people have taken the time to think of names. The problem is I love them all and each of them captures a bit of what I am trying to convey. One of the RedBubblers suggested Dreamtime Friends and I think I will go with that for now - thank you again for your lovely comments!!! :)

Artoholic said...

Oh Karen, I'm away for a bit and just LOOK at everything wonerful you've created!

Digital is the way to go with coloured illos for sure- and you've nailed it! All those book images are just superb. Those dragon scales! I shake my head realising how much work is involved. But the result is stunning.

Any neckache with so many hours behind the monitor? My limit is about 17 minutes and falling before I loose feeling in my left shoulder. Getting old is such a nusiance!

As for a title? I did a similiar thing for my photoshop assignment - had Jez resting against a "dragon" (FNQ lace monitor!), whilst reading a large story book. I titled it "I believe".

Best of luck!



Unknown said...

I think you missed your calling as a comedian Cindy, I'm sure!!!

Actually, I'm pretty comfortable when I'm doing the digital art, more so than the regular mediums. I have a recliner, and I put the legs up, and then have a two-tiered portable table that rolls in from the side. I think Steve thinks I've got the life!!! I do get a bit achy when I do it for too long (like Sunday, when I worked for about 14 hours straight, but I do get up and down a lot).

Thank you so much for your encouragement, not just here on the blog but also for all the photoshop tutorials you sent. This sure is a huuuuge learning curve, but also fun!!! :)

Artoholic said...

I don't know about comedian, maybe professional food taster...

Hey, if you don't laugh, you cry...

Unknown said...

When you can learn and have fun at the same time... That has to be a good thing.

Keep having fun Karen.

Unknown said...

Thank you ladies :))

Unknown said...

'Sams' Vision'
'The adventures of Sam'
'The wonders of youth'
I personally like Paulines Mystical dreams)
Good luck with the entry and as usual a great job!!

Unknown said...

Thank you Sam - everyone has come up with so many wonderful names that the decision was really hard. I did want to have Sam's name in the title, but then decided on Dreamtime Friends, which one of the members of RedBubble suggested :)