Sunday, October 3, 2010

More Platypus Life Cycle Illustrations

Platypus mother lays her eggs in a burrow

Two adult platypus mating

I'm having a very constructive weekend in terms of work. We have a labour day long weekend, and so far the weather has been quite wet and miserable (which I really love) and all the men in our house spent yesterday glued to the TV watching the AFL Grand final and then today watching the NRL Grand Final, which left me with not much to do but work. These illustrations aren't due until Friday, but happily I am now well ahead of schedule and only have one more to complete, which means I can also spend some quality time with the kids during the school holidays this week. Both these illustrations were done using Corel painter and


Dors said...

Beautiful. I love them both. Your work is so inspiring.

Nice to be ahead ... I know what you mean about the weather... that's why I got the Kangaroo finished yesterday.

Good weather to sit and do artwork.

Great Job Karen. I am sure they will be so thrilled with the illustrations.

Miniature Art by Karen Hull said...

Thank you Dors - I'm still awaiting the review from the Publishers but everything crossed they give them the thumbs up. It's lovely when it rains sometimes isn't it!!! :)